Waste Management's Statement regarding the California Department of Public Health's Visit to Kettleman City

Kettleman City, CA, February 8, 2010 — Waste Management issued the following statement from Helen Herrera, community relations manager for the Kettleman Hills Facility, regarding the California Department of Public Health's visit to Kettleman City tomorrow:

"Waste Management fully supports the Department of Public Health's visit to Kettleman City and its efforts to investigate the community's health concerns further. We have advocated for this type of coordinated approach for the past year.

We hope this meeting will provide answers regarding the recent health concerns and that the DPH will share valuable information and insights regarding the potential causes of the birth defects.

Waste Management's Kettleman Hills Facility operates safely and is fully protective of human health and the environment; we are in compliance with all local, state and federal standards and requirements. As one of the most highly regulated facilities in California, WM is proud of its 30-year record of safety and standing in the community.

Since 2007, four studies have been conducted to review the safety of WM's facility and any potential impact on the Kettleman City community. All of the studies concluded the Kettleman Hills Facility operates safely and does not impact local residents."

CONTACT: Helen Luibel Herrera
(559) 386-9711

Waste Management’s (WM) Kettleman Hills Facility has been an integral part of the Kings County Community for more than 28 years. The facility is permitted to handle municipal solid waste and hazardous waste, both of which are heavily regulated, monitored and controlled by more than 10 local, state and federal government agencies. The facility’s staff includes 60 full-time employees, many of whom are active in the community. In addition to its community contributions and significant volunteer efforts, Waste Management provides a benefit to the local economy of more than $17million annually with a $3.7 million annual payroll. WM also contributes nearly $3 million per year directly to the Kings County General Fund through disposal fees. For more information, visit our website at www.kettlemanhillsfacts.com.